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In carp fishing, there are generally two types of angler. There are those who use Goo, and those who secretly use Goo. Whether you proudly display your Goo stained towel or would rather keep your bottles hidden in the back of the bivvy, we have another exciting series of Goo coming to you for 2015. In Goo Series 4, we have dug deeper into the book of secrets and decided to unleash some of our favourite Goo choices onto the world to help you haul even more carp and set your buzzers ablaze!

Series 4 Goo

1. Vindagoo Supreme - This Goo is hot and spicy. It is a very complex mixture of a variety of chillis and it really has a kick to it. It is very thin like all the other Supremes in the series therefore its primary purpose is to either soak your hook baits in it or add it to your spod mix. Carp on some lakes seem to take a special liking to spicy flavours, so this Goo was created for that.

2. Tigernut Smoke - Now this Goo seems to be the most widely anticipated one of the series. We all know Tigernuts are simply amazing at catching carp. So it was only the natural progression that we decided to make a Tigernut Goo. This Goo contains all the natural elements of Tigernuts. It has a middle of the road consistency just like Corn Twist and Mystic Spice making a general purpose and general use Goo that you can use for anything.

3. Mangonana Supreme - Another original concept, an exotic fruity mix which is sweet and smells great. It has a thin consistency therefore good for soaking things in and giving you a nice tropical edge.

4. Chocolate Candy Smoke - In the same vein as earlier Power Smokes in previous series, this thick gooey liquid smells so divine, you'll consider it a shame to cast it out. Best used by applying to your hookbaits or PVA just before you cast out.

5. King Crab Supreme & Smoke - This 2 coat application system is just like Pineapple/Almond/Spicy Squid/Garlic Bait Smoke & Power Smokes from previous series. We have created a very nice and strong smelling essence which carp will be able to hone in on. Soak your hookbaits in the Supreme, coat them in the thick Smoke, and you will have transformed your bait into a Crabby powerhouse.

Starting with this Series, we have also simplified the names of the Goo. Every Goo from each individual series has its own thickness/texture/stickiness and that is a purposeful design choice to get the best out of each Goo. Up to this point, we have always been careful not to overwhelm anglers with the details hence why the Goos up to this point have been somewhat pigeon holed into 'Bait Smoke' and 'Power Smoke' categories. The general idea being that thinner Goos that give off less colour were 'Bait Smokes' and thicker Goos that gave off more colour were called 'Power Smokes'. But this limited categorising often meant that some Goos didn't necessarily fit in either category.

We decided we would make the categories broader. So what was known as 'Bait Smokes' before will simply be called 'Supremes', and 'Power Smokes' will be referred as 'Smokes'. If you see a bottles of Goo with 'SUPREME' on it, you know its definitely thin and is used to 'SOAK' bait in, i.e. the Goo will be readily absorbed. If you see a bottle with 'SMOKE' on it, it used to 'COAT' your bait/PVA in, ie. the Goo will readily adhere to the outside of your presentation.

As for the finer details of each Goo, we will communicate them over the coming months through this website on our products page, and also you will be seeing Goo stands appear in a majority of outlets throughout the U.K. and Europe. These Goo stands will contain information cards which will show the finer details of each Goo.

Also new for this year is a dedicated Store Finder. Find your local Goo stockist wherever you are! New features about Goo that have featured in magazines will be in the articles section.

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Here is to another year of carp hauling! #getonthegoo

--The Kiana Carp Team.